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So I stole this meme from :icondiluculi:who stole it from :iconkeplernova: 

1. What's your name?
What name do you want to know? The real name or the rgb-reality-name?^^

2. Are you single or taken?

3. Sexuality?

4. Gender?

5. Would you rather have 3 boobs or no boobs?
Having three boobs? That sounds awesome! :D

6. What do you draw?:

Mostly human(oid)s, manga related and Sci-Fi.

7. Have you ever drawn smut or written smut in your whole entire life?
I tried to write smut, but it is difficult not to fail. 

8. Where are you currently living now?

9. Favourite song?
That is a tough one. Slipknot: If rain is what you want, Goodbye, Psychosocial

10. Favourite food?
Pasta and Sushi.

11. Favourite colour?
Everything that starts with dark. Dark blue, dark grey etc. But if this doesn't count, then it will be PURPLE.

12. Favourite drink?

13. Where were you born?

14. Where is the place you last went to?

15. What's the last thing you drank?
Tea of course!Giggle 

16. What's the last thing you ate?
Soup with meatballs :D

17. Favourite user on here?

Will link the names here :icondiluculi::iconleelu::icondeerydeerth::iconlittle-blind-mouse::icondarlingangel0565::icondemonic-nik::iconblackangeldan:

18. Whose your first watcher?:
This chick here :icondiluculi: 

19. Whose your latest watcher?:

20. What's your favourite deviation?: (yours)
Hard to tell. 

21. What's your favourite deviation by another person?: (someone else's)

Will link it here.

22. Your first deviation?:

Pretty sure I have deleted it XDDD

23. A friend's first deviation? 
Ehh... (Do you know Tina from "Bub's Burger"? This ehh... is the same sound she makes a lot)

24. Your latest deviation?

25. A friend's latest deviation?

26. Favourite TV show/movie?:
A Girl Who Leapt Through Time (anime, hopefully it is the correct English name), Totoro (anime) Sword Of A Stranger (anime), American Horror Story (season 1), Interstellar, Star Wars  

27. Hobbies?:
Drawing, drawing, drawing, writing Stories

28. Favourite book?
The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

29. First TV show/anime you ever watched?
I grew up on Sailor Moon and I am still in love with this show. Gladly the produced Sailor Moon Crystal.

30. Lastest TV show/anime you watched?:
King Of Thorns. So good but so sad.

31. Where would you wanna go?

32. Dream job?
Grafik Designer

33. Birthday?
March 11th

34. What are you best drawing/writing at?
At black and white drawings

35. Bedtime?
Creativity NEVER sleeps:D (Big Grin) 

36. Do you use standard time or military time?

37. Do you draw?

38. Do you write?
yes, sometimes.

39. What's the thing you want most in the world?
That every being (especially the human ones) on the face of our dearest planet finds its inner peace. 

40. What's something that you hate?
Weird formula of nail polishes that I possess.

41. What's something you REALLY REALLY hate?
Corruption and money greed

42. What're your grades in English?
C, because my English sucks XDD

43. Best grades on what subject?
Art. And French when I was in the 7th grade.

44. Your most favourite teacher in what grade?
My French teacher in the 7th grade and my Art teacher during the high school graduation.

45. Least favourite teacher in what grade?
The German teacher in the 9th grade. That chick was a living nightmare.

46. If you know, how old is your teacher?
Luckely, that's not my business :D

47. Do you communicate with your teacher?
I did, but now I don't because I am through with the school shiat Giggle 

48. Do you have alot of friends?

49. Do you have a small amount of friends?

50. Eye colour?:
A mixture of green and hazel

51. Hair colour?:
Light brown

52. Religion?

53. Ethnicity?

54. What holidays do you NOT celebrate?

55. What holidays do you celebrate?:

New Years, Easter, Christmas

56. Skin colour?
The white of a dead. I am so freakin' pale XDDD

57. What languages do you speak?
German, English and Russian

58. What accessories do you wear?
Bracelets, necklaces

59. Formal clothing or informal clothing?
Informal please!

60. Favourite time in history?

61. Do you like playing video games?
Depends on the game.

62. Do you have a phone?

63. Look to your right, what do you see?:

A book shelf

64. Look to your left, what do you see?
The window of my room

65. Look behind you, what do you see?
A wall

66. How tall are you?

67. Nickname?
No, I disagree! 

68. What's the place you last visited out of your country/state/city?
London. And that was amazing! :D

69. Have you gotten pregnant before?

70. Favourite animal?
Rodents and catsLove 

71. You swear or nah?:


72. Admit it, are you more or less awesome than Prussia?:


73. Favourite shipping?:


74. How many sisters do you have?


75. How many brothers do you have?:


76. Favourite youtuber?:


77. Do you like rainbows?:


78. Do you like pancakes?:


79. Do you like unicorns?:


80. Do you drink?:


81. If you drink, what do you drink?

water, tea, juices, instant cappuccino. Boring life XDD 

82. Have you ever self-harmed?
I smoked in the past. Dumb idea. 

83. Short or long hair?:

Past shoulders. No long hair ever again! So tangling and annoying! Ew! 

84. Are you a class clown?
No chance!

85. Do you break rules on purpose?

86. Name one silly name that has a silly ending on it
Lignar Scaragarth

87. Favourite fruit?

88. You like bubble tea?:

No, because it has the amount of sugar in it I consume in an entire yearGiggle 

89. Do you like durians?
So, the online dictionary tells me that a durian is a fruit, right? Never have eaten one before^^ But I like the name^

90. What do you think of when you hear the name "Holly"?:

Holly Golightly^^

91. Favourite character in one of your books/TV shows/movies/animes?

92. Toilet paper brand?

93. What colour is one of your cars?

94. What flavour of ice cream do you like?
Chocolate Mint

95. Favourite candy?

96. If it's really sunny outside, what do you eat?

97. Do you like bacon?:


98. Do you like rice?:


99. Do you like to do tons of pranks?:

No, I am too lazy for thatMeow :3 

100. Tag atleast 5 friends:



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